Recipe for CabbageThalipeeth

This is a Recipe for Cabbage Thalipeeth. The Kobiche Thalipeeth is a typical Maharashtrian snack; normally served for breakfast. Filling and healthy; good for kids. Ingredients 1 Cup Cabbage (Shredded) 2 Cup Maize Atta Salt and Red Chili powder to taste Oil Preparation First take all the Ingredients and mix them well. Then add some water… Continue reading Recipe for CabbageThalipeeth

Recipe for Mutton Lonche (Meat Pickle)

This is a Recipe for preparing at home spicy and mouthwatering Mutton Lonche (Meat Pickle) prepared in the authentic and traditional Konkani; Maharashtrian style of cooking Pickles. This Gosht Ka Achar lasts for a month or so if kept in a refrigerator. Preparation Time : 60 Minutes Serving : 8 Persons Ingredients 1 Kg Meat… Continue reading Recipe for Mutton Lonche (Meat Pickle)