Recipe for Badam Burfi

This is a Recipe for preparing Mithai Shop Style mouthwatering Badamachi Burfi(Almond Barfi). This is a delicious recipe for Diwali Faral prepared in Maharashtra, Ingredients ½ Kg Khoya [ whole dried milk] 2 Cup Sugar (Grind) 50 Gram Almonds 9-10 Cardamoms (powder) 4-5 sticks Saffron ¼ Cup thin Strips Almonds Preparation Soak the Almonds for… Continue reading Recipe for Badam Burfi

Recipe for Corn Cob Vegetable

This is a Recipe for preparing Makyachya Kansachi Bhaji (Corn Cob Vegetable). This vegetable recipe is prepared in the traditional and authentic Maharashtrian style of cooking. Ingredients 2 Cups Corn Nuggets ¼ Cup Onion (chopped) 4-5 Green Chilies (chopped) 1 Tea spoon Sambar Masala ¼ Cup Coconut (shredded) Salt to taste For Tadka 1 Table… Continue reading Recipe for Corn Cob Vegetable

Recipe for Fanasachi Bhaji

This is A Recipe for Fanasachi Bhaji. This is a Maharashtrian speciality dish prepared from Jackfruit and is very popular in the coastal Konkan region of Maharashtra. Can be taken on the days of fasting as well. Ingredients ½ Kg Jackfruit (Raw) (remove the skin and cut it in medium size pieces along with the… Continue reading Recipe for Fanasachi Bhaji

Recipe for Suran Kap

Suranache Kaap

This is Recipe for preparing at home crispy Suran Chips or Suranache Kaap in the Marathi language. Crispy Chips-Fritters can be prepared using the Slices of Elephant Foot Yam. These Suran Fritters make a tasty Snack, which can also serve as an add on to the main course; another traditional and authentic Maharashtrian dish. Preparation Time: 60… Continue reading Recipe for Suran Kap

Recipe for Shingada (Water Chest-nuts) Thalipeeth

This is a Recipe for preparing Shingada (Water Chest-nuts Flour) Pithache Thalipeeth. A authentic Maharashtrian Thalipeeth recipe using the Shingada; gives a different taste and flavor. Ingredients 2 Cups Shingada Flour 1 Tea spoon Cumin Seeds (Jeera) 1 Medium size Potato (Peal and shredded) 2 Table spoon Peanut powder (roast and then prepare a thick… Continue reading Recipe for Shingada (Water Chest-nuts) Thalipeeth