Recipe for Ragda Patties

Ragda Patties

This is a most simple step-by-step Recipe for making at home typical Fast-Food Stall Style Ragda Patties. Ragda Patties is one of the more popular and famous of the Indian Fast-Food dishes, which is readily available in most localities in all Indian towns, cities and rural areas. The Marathi language version of this Fast-Food recipe… Continue reading Recipe for Ragda Patties

Recipe for Batata Sev Puri

This is a Recipe for preparing at home Batata Sev Puri. This is also one of the most popular of the Indian fast-food items, normally found in eateries or road side carts. A much in demand fast food snack, it is normally like the Pani Puri found near parks, and other popular places or crowded… Continue reading Recipe for Batata Sev Puri

Recipe for Sev Puri

This is a Recipe for preparing at home tasty Sev Puri. This is another popular snacks recipe, which is an Maharashtrian Specialty. This dish is normally found on fast food stalls or carts in most places in India. Ingredients Kanda Puris[quantity as required] Thin Sev Boiled Potato pieces Tamarind Jaggery water Finely chopped Coriander Chat… Continue reading Recipe for Sev Puri

Recipe for Dhokla

This is a Recipe for preparing at home, Mithai Shop Style soft and puffy Dhokla.  Dhokla is a very popular and famous Snack all over India. Ingredients 500 Grams Gram Dal powder ½ Fresh Coconuts ½ Tea spoon Turmeric powder ½ Tea spoon Mustard Seeds 1 Tea spoon Coriander-Cumin powder ¼ Tea spoon Baking powder ½ Cup… Continue reading Recipe for Dhokla