Salad Recipes

Cucumber Cups Salad Recipe in Marathi

कुकुंबर कप: कुकुंबर कप हे आपण सालड ह्याला छान पर्याय आहे. कुकुंबर [...]

October 26, 2018

Recipe for Healthy Farasbi Salad

This is a Recipe for making at home Farasbi or French Beans Salad. This is an uncommon, healthy and nutritious salad, which can also be served for party meals. The Marathi [...]

May 16, 2017

Farasbi Salad Recipe in Marathi

फ्रेंच बीन्स सलाड: फ्रेंच बीन्स सलाड म्हणजेच फरसबी किंवा श्रावण [...]

May 15, 2017

Simple Recipe for Baingan Ka Raita

This is simple to follow step-by-step recipe for making at home Baingan Ka Raita, also called as the Aubergine or Eggplant Ka Raita. This Raita recipe, which makes the use of [...]

March 8, 2017

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