Farasbi Anardana Salad

This is a special salad prepared using Farasbi [French Beans, Pomegranate Seeds [Anar Dane] and Curds, The preparation method is extremely easy and simple and does not take much time or effort to prepare this Farasbi Anar Dana Salad. Ingredients 1 Katori Farasbi [French Beans] One Katori Fresh Pomegranate Seeds [Anar Ke Dane] Pepper Powder… Continue reading Farasbi Anardana Salad

Tasty and Nutritious Mango Cooler Recipe

This is a simple recipe for preparing tasty and nutritious Mango Cooler using raw mangoes. This Indian Summer Fruit Juice Special recipe is similar in some aspects to the recipes of Mango Sharbat and Maharashtrian Beverage the Kacchya Ambyache / Kairiche Panhe. The ingredients given for this Mango Cooler preparation are sufficient to prepare five… Continue reading Tasty and Nutritious Mango Cooler Recipe

Chat Pat Fried Dal Chana

The Dal Chana [Harbara Dal, Bengal gram, Chickpea] you come across every day in your kitchen can be turned into a tasty and easy to prepare snack. There is not much effort required for preparing this simple, yet wholesome and filing snack. The simple recipe described by me in this article for preparing Chat Pat… Continue reading Chat Pat Fried Dal Chana

कपड्यांवर पडलेले डाग कसे काढायचे

Kapdyavar Padlele Wiwidh Dag Kase Kadhayche In Marathi

कपड्यांवर पडलेले डाग कसे काढायचे : आपल्या रोजच्या दैनंदिन जीवनामध्ये काम करत असतांना आपल्या कपड्यांवर काही ना काही डाग पडतात. ते डाग कसे काढायचे ते आपण बघुया. डागाचा प्रकार किंवा डागाचे नाव – त्यासाठी काय साधन आहे – व तो पडलेला डाग कसा काढायचा तेल व तूप (ऑईल) तेल व तूप याचा तेलकट डाग टाल्कम… Continue reading कपड्यांवर पडलेले डाग कसे काढायचे

Simple Poached Eggs Recipe

The recipe for Poached Eggs given in this article is a most simple one using only the basic ingredients. This Poached Anda preparation is specially prescribed for those who do not like extra spicy food for breakfast; it is also suitable for sick and ailing people on a restricted diet. Ingredients Two Eggs A few… Continue reading Simple Poached Eggs Recipe