Dry Clean and Starch Silk Sarees at Home

How to dry clean the Silk Sari at Home

In this tutorial, I will explain the procedure of dry cleaning and applying starch to Silk Sarees at home, the tutorial is given in a simple step-by step manner to make it easy for practical use by the layperson.

For dry cleaning Silk Clothes, including Sarees,  we use 60% diluted Acetic Acid, which you can get easily in the market.

For dry cleaning, one Saree dry take ½-bucket water and add 3-table spoon Acetic Acid. Mix it well and dip the saree in the water for five minutes and then add a tablespoon soap powder. After two-three minutes rub the saree with your hands in the bucket itself and then remove it from the Water.

Drain all the water from the saree. Then take another ½-bucket of water and add 2 tablespoon Acetic Acid mix it well and dip the saree in the Water, rub it slightly and then remove it from the water.

In the third bucket, add a tablespoon Acetic Acid dip the saree, rub it and remove it from water.

How to prepare a light starch for the Silk Saree
In a cup of water, add two-table spoon of Ararut starch powder and mix it well.

Boil one-liter water, pour it into a plastic bucket, add the dissolved starch mix it well, and keep it aside for five-seven minutes.

Then dip the saree into the starch water and keep it in the water for two-three minutes.

Then remove the saree from the water, remove the excess water and keep the saree for drying for five-seven minutes.

Then iron the saree on a low temperature, and fold it nicely.

The Marathi language version of this article can be seen here- Bleaching, Drycleaning and Starching clothes at home

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