Recipe to prepare Banana Milk

This is another extremely simple recipe to prepare healthy and nutritious Banana Milk, known in the Hindi language as the Dudh Kela Milkshake. This is another extremely simple recipe to prepare Banana Milk. This Milkshake can be prepared in a matter of few minutes if nothing else is available. Preparation Time: 10 Minutes Serves: 4… Continue reading Recipe to prepare Banana Milk

Recipe for Upma

This is a recipe for Upma. This dish is very popular in Maharashtra and is also called as Upit in the Marathi language. It is normally taken for breakfast or as an afternoon snack or for Kitty Parties and Birthday Parties. Preparation Time: 30 Minutes Serves: 4 Persons Ingredients 2 Cup Suji / Rava 4… Continue reading Recipe for Upma

Recipe for Caramel custard

This is a simple and easy to understand recipe for preparing at home Restaurant Style Caramel custard. This famous and popular Egg pudding is taken after food and is considered to be a delicacy if prepared in the right way. Preparation Time- 30 Minutes Serves- 4 Persons Ingredients 3 Eggs 4 Table spoon Sugar 500… Continue reading Recipe for Caramel custard

Recipe for Sweet Cookies

This is a recipe for Sweet Cookies. A great snack for everyone. Ingredients 2 Cups of white flour 1 Cup of melted fat 1 Cup of Castor sugar ½ Table spoon baking powder ½ Cup of Milk A few drops of essence Preparation Sieve together white flour, baking powder and sugar. Mix melted fat form… Continue reading Recipe for Sweet Cookies

Recipe for Biscuit Cutlet

This is a recipe for Biscuit Cutlet. A neat snack for the kids as well as for you. Great for breakfast as well as a afternoon snack. Ingredients 2 Potatoes 1 Tomato 3 Marie Biscuits 1 Bread slice 2 Table spoon Peas 10-12 green Chilies ½ Table spoon black pepper Salt Oil for frying Preparation… Continue reading Recipe for Biscuit Cutlet