Recipe for Tomato Vadi

This is a simple Recipe for preparing Tamatar or Tomato ki Mithi Vadi. An easy to prepare Sweet recipe does not require much time or effort. Preparation Time: 45 Minutes Serves: 40 Numbers Ingredients 1 Kg Tomatoes 1 Kg Sugar 1 Tea spoon Cardamom Powder 1 Table spoon Ghee Preparation Make tomato puree without water.… Continue reading Recipe for Tomato Vadi

Recipe for Onam Payasam

This is a step by step Recipe for making at home sweet and tasty authentic Malayali Style Onam Payasam. This Kerala specialty dish, which uses Moong Dal, Basmati Rice, Sabudana and Milk as the main ingredients is a one of the food highlights of the Onam festival in Kerala. Onam Payasam Preparation Time – 45… Continue reading Recipe for Onam Payasam