Recipe for Chana Dal Pulao

This is a step-by-step Recipe for Chana Dal Pulao.a main course rice preparation, main wholesome and filling main course Indian rice preparation. this is not only spicy and tasty but also nutritious and good for health. Ingredients 280 Grams Rice 120 Grams Bengal Gram ½ Tea spoon Cumin seeds 4 Cloves 2 Pieces Cinnamon 2… Continue reading Recipe for Chana Dal Pulao

Rice Recipes

Rice is an integral part and parcel of the Indian food and cuisine. No Indian meal is considered to be complete without a serving of rice. Here I have given a list of a collection of various Rice dishes, published on this site over the past few years. A lot of these recipes are in… Continue reading Rice Recipes

Recipe for Zarda

This is a simple to understand step-by-step Recipe for preparing at home the Mughlai specialty Sweet Dish from Hyderabad Zarda. This sweet rice, which is an authentic and traditional Hyderabadi rice preparation can be served as a main course rice dish or even served as a Dessert. Preparation Time- 40 Minutes Serves- 4 Persons Ingredients… Continue reading Recipe for Zarda