Recipe for Poha Puri

This is a recipe for making at home crisp and spicy Poha Puri. This is an authentic Maharashtrian recipe called in Marathi as Pohyache Tikhat Puri. The Poha Puri can be served for breakfast or with the main course. Preparation Time- 30 Minutes Serves- 15 Medium Sized Poha Puris Ingredients 1 Cup Poha [flattened rice]… Continue reading Recipe for Poha Puri

Recipe for Puris

This is a step by step recipe for preparing Puri. The Puri is a very popular multipurpose dish, which can be served for breakfast, snacks, the main course and even for all kinds of parties. It goes nicely with any kind of gravy or vegetable preparation. The Puri recipe given by me is simple and make… Continue reading Recipe for Puris

Recipe for Kadaboli

This is a recipe for preparing Kadaboli another popular and authentic Maharashtrian specialty dish for Diwal Faral. Preparation Time: 90 Minutes Serves: 1 Kg Bhajni and Kadboli Ingredients 2 cups of Makaa [Maize] flour 2 cup rice 1 cup Channa Dal [Gram Dal] ½ cup Wheat ½ cup Mung Dal [Green Gram] ½ cup Coriander… Continue reading Recipe for Kadaboli