Recipe for Durable Mango Pickle

This is a Recipe for Indian style Mango Achar. A mango pickle which is durable and has a shelf life of about two years.

1 Kg Raw Mango (seed removed)
225 Grams Salt
50 Grams Fenugreek
100 Grams Aniseed
30 Grams Onions Seed
30 Grams Red Chili Powder
Turmeric Powder as per required
Mustard Oil sufficient to cover Achar

Wash and cut Mangoes into four or eight pieces according to size.
Take Masala and Salt and mix in a little Mustard Oil.
Add Mango slices into above Mustard Oil.
Bottle and place in sun for two or three days.
Add remaining Mustard Oil.
Achar will be ready in six to seven days and can have a shelf life of about 2 years.

By Sujata Nerurkar

I am an Expert Indian Chef, Food Columnist and Adviser. I write on food and recipes on my site and conduct cooking, candle making, chocolate making, dry cleaning, decoration and other art classes. The recipes and food themes given by me are unique and original and appear regularly in numerous reputed periodicals, newspapers and magazines.

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