Recipe for Cantonese Chow Mein

This is a Recipe for Cantonese Chow Mein. A famous Chinese recipe.

300 Grams Egg Noodles, boiled 8 minutes, rinsed in cold water and drained.
3 Table spoon Oil
100 Grams Prawns or Meat or Chicken sliced thin
½ Cup Bamboo shoots, sliced thin
½ Cup thinly cut cabbage and celery each
½ Cup Mushrooms
½ Cup finely cut Peas and Beans each
2 Cloves Garlic, chopped
1 Cup stock
1 Table spoon Corn starch
1 Tea spoon Soy sauce
1 Teaspoon Salt, Pepper powder
½ Cup water
½ Cup finely chopped green Onion

Mix a drop of Oil into the Noodles and separate with a fork. Heat well two Table spoon Oil and pour on the Noodles, shake then loose with a fork and brown lightly. Sprinkle little water if they are too dry. Again heat one table spoon Oil, add Garlic. When the Oil is very hot, add meat and brown. Add vegetables; pour in stock and cook covered for five minutes, Blend together corn starch, Soy sauce, Salt pepper and water. Add to the cooked meat and vegetables. When Juice thickens, pour over the Noodles and mix. Garnish with chopped green Onion.

By Sujata Nerurkar

I am an Expert Indian Chef, Food Columnist and Adviser. I write on food and recipes on my site and conduct cooking, candle making, chocolate making, dry cleaning, decoration and other art classes. The recipes and food themes given by me are unique and original and appear regularly in numerous reputed periodicals, newspapers and magazines.

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