Recipes for Beverages

This is a list of a selection of easy and step-by-step recipes for the preparation of beverages like Sharbat, fruit juices, milk shakes, coffee, tea, moctails and some cold beverages, including Restaurant and Fruit Juice Stall Beverage preparations.

It is always better for the new homemaker to know how to prepare some simple beverages at home; you do not know when you might require using this knowledge.

For a more complete list of Beverage recipes of all kinds please, visit the category on – Beverage Recipes

Simple Recipe for Mango Milk Shake
Simple Recipe for Pinapple Juice
Simple recipe for Pineapple and Banana Milk Shake
Recipe for Badam [Almond] Milk
Recipe to prepare Banana Milk
Recipe for Pineapple Lime Frost
Recipe for Strawberry- Musk Melon Mocktail
Homemade Pomegranate -Carrot Cocktail
Recipe to prepare Apple water
Recipe for Rich and Creamy Broth
Recipe for Orange Tea
Simple Recipe for Mocha Coffee
Recipe for Apple Romanoff.
Apple Sauce Pudding Recipe
Recipe for Apricot Lemon Cup
Recipe for Watermelon Ice 
Recipe for Watermelon Syrup
Recipe for Watermelon Ice-cream Ball
Easy Recipe for Chilled Muskmelon Juice 
Recipe for Water Melon Cocktail
Extremely simple recipe for Vanilla Ice Cream
Extremely simple recipe for Mango Ice Cream
Simple recipe for Orange Ice Cream Shake
Recipe for Basic Ice Cream 
Recipe for Pista Ice Cream
Recipe for Chikoo Ice Cream 
Recipe for Sitaphal Ice Cream
Jamun Ice Cream Softy
Horlicks Bournvita Milkshake
Chikoo Milkshake with Chocolate flavor 
Recipe for Black Plum (Jamun) Milk Shake
Recipe for Chocolate Mint Shake
Apple- Strawberry Milk Shake
Chocolate-Apple Milk Shake
Make Banana Milk Shake with Vanilla flavor
Recipe for Strawberry Custard Apple Delight
Custard Apple Pudding
Apple Carrot Mocktail
Recipe for delicious Fruit Sevai
Recipe for Chocolate Caramel Pudding
Recipe for Guava Pineapple Delight
Delicious recipe for Fruit Punch
Chocolate Betel Leaf Paan
Recipe for Watermelon Sherbet.
Simple Recipe for Mango Parfait 
Recipe for Special Lassi
Simple Recipe for Tomato Juice

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