Recipe for Til Burfi

This is a recipe for preparing Til Burfi. Til Burfi or Tilachi Vadi is a Maharashtrian specialty sweet dish, which is prepared using Sesame Seeds as the main ingredient and is prepared specially for the Makar Sankranti festival for distributing it amongst friends and relatives as a sign of goodwill. Til (Sesame) Burfi Preparation Time:… Continue reading Recipe for Til Burfi

Recipe for Til [Sesame] Chutney

This is a Recipe for Til [Sesame] Chutney or Tilachi Chutney in Marathi. This Chutney recipe has been prepared in the traditional Maharashtrian style of cooking. Til [Sesame] Chutney Preparation Time: 30 Minutes Serves: 8-10 Persons Ingredients 2 Cups Til (fry it till colour changes in to pink on a slow sim and then keep… Continue reading Recipe for Til [Sesame] Chutney