Recipe for Sev

This is a Recipe for Sev. Sev is prepared during festivals; especially during the Diwali festival in Maharashtra and is a very popular Diwali Faral item. Preparation Time: 60 Minutes Serves: 12-15 Persons Ingredients 4 Cup Besan [ Gram Flour ] 1 Cup Oil 4 Tea spoon Red Chili Powder 4 Tea spoon Salt ¼… Continue reading Recipe for Sev

Maharashtrian Recipes

The state of Maharashtra has its own traditional and authentic cuisine having its own unique taste and flavor. Here I have compiled a most comprehensive collection some of the more traditional food recipes from most parts of Maharashtra prepared in the typical Maharashtrian style of cooking. Efforts have been made to make these Maharashtrian recipes… Continue reading Maharashtrian Recipes

Recipe for Fried Poha Chivda [Maharashtrian style]

This is a step by step Recipe for preparing at home crispy and spicy Fried Poha Chivda. This Chivda is very popular in Maharashtra during festivals; especially the Diwali festival. The Chivda recipe given in this article is prepared in the authentic and traditional Maharashtrian style of Making Chivda. The English language version of this… Continue reading Recipe for Fried Poha Chivda [Maharashtrian style]

Recipe for Kothimbir [Coriander] Wadi

This is a step by step Recipe for preparing Maharashtrian Style Kothimbir [Coriander] Vadi. This is an authentic and traditional Maharashtrian recipe. This dish, prepared using fresh Coriander leaves and Gram Flour as the main ingredients is a tasty add on to the main course of a typical Maharashtrian meal. Preparation Time: 45 Minutes Serves:… Continue reading Recipe for Kothimbir [Coriander] Wadi

Recipe for Misal Pav

Maharashtrian Misal Pav

This is a step by step Recipe for making at home typical fast food stall style spicy and delicious Misal Pav. This dish is very popular in Maharashtra and there are many road side stalls and eateries which specialize in preparing this dish. This is a traditional Maharashtrian fast food item. The Marathi language version… Continue reading Recipe for Misal Pav