Sweets Recipes

This is a wide and diverse collection of all kinds of Sweet Recipes, including Indian Mithai, Halwa Kheer, Sheera, Puddings and Dessert dishes. The list also includes Maharashtrian, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, North and East Indian, Bengali and South Indian Sweets Recipes.

The list is being continuously updated to bring more and more unique, set-by-step and simple and easy to understand Sweets recipes. To see a wider range of Sweet dishes, please visit the Category on – Sweets Recipes

Recipe for Condensed Milk Coconut Ladoo
Recipe for Coconut-Rava (Suji) Ladoo
Recipe for Churma Ladoo
Recipe for Atta or Pinni Ladoo
Recipe for Bournvita-Cocunut Laddu
Recipe for Mango-Coconut Laddu

Sweets and Mitahi
Recipe to prepare Balushahi
Recipe for Lavang Latika
Recipe for Gulab Jamun
Recipe for Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun
Prepare Kala Jamun at Home
Simple step by step Recipe for Rasmalai
Recipe for Anguri Mango Rasmalai
Recipe to prepare Anguri Ras Malai at home
Homemade Mango Malai Barfi
Recipe to make Rasgulla at home
Recipe for Zarda
Recipe for Sandesh
Making Paneer Sandesh at Home
Making Chom Chom at Home
Making Malai Barfi at Home
Making Santrabhog at home
Recipe for Date and Nut Rolls
Recipe for Dates Roll- 2 (Khajur Che Roll) 
Recipe for Dates Kachori
Recipe for Bread Stars
Recipe for Punjabi Malai Puda
Simple Recipe for Carrot Burfi
Recipe for Carrot Rolls
Recipe for Tomato Vadi
Recipe for Bhapa Doi
Recipe for Malpua with Mango flavor
Recipe for Pineapple Malpua
Sweet Pineapple Rings

Recipe to prepare Apricot Pudding
Recipe for Dreamland Pudding
Simple recipe to prepare Plain Jelly
Recipe for Caramel custard
Recipe for Apple Caramel Custard
Recipe for Coffee Trifle
Recipe for Kaju Pista Pudding
Recipe for Lauki [Bottle Gourd] Pudding
Simple Recipe for Doodhi Halwa
Recipe for Fruit Sandwich Halwa
Recipe for Pineapple Desiccated Coconut Dessert
Recipe for Fruit and Chocolate Pan cake
Recipe for Potato Halwa
Recipe for Corn Halwa
Recipe for Date [Khajur] Halwa
Simple recipe for bread Halwa
Recipe for Ash Gourd Halwa
Recipe for delicious Sevai Halwa
Most simple recipe to prepare Chocolate Sauce
Recipe for Double Roti ka Mitha
Recipe Hot Soufflé
Recipe for Orange Soufflé
Simple recipe for Pear Stew
Recipe for Fruity Sevian
Recipe for Tasty Coffee Balls

Halwa and Kheer
Recipe for Phirni
Recipe for Phirni with Mango Flavor
Recipe for Gajar ka Halwa
Recipe for Moong Dal Halwa
Recipe to prepare Sago Kheer
Recipe for Delicious Carrot Kheer
Recipe for Carrot Kheer – 2
Coconut-Rice Kheer
Recipe for Bread Dahi Vada
Recipe for instant Basundi
Recipe for Onam Payasam
Recipe for Sitaphal – Mango Rabadi


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