Maharashtrian Bhaji Preparations

Recipe for Maharashtrian Vangyachi Bhaji

This is a Recipe for preparing traditional and authentic Maharashtrian Style Vangyachi Bhaji. (Brinjal Vegetable). You will love the taste if you are a lover of the peculiar [...]

April 25, 2013

Recipe for Fanasachi Bhaji

This is A Recipe for Fanasachi Bhaji. This is a Maharashtrian speciality dish prepared from Jackfruit and is very popular in the coastal Konkan region of Maharashtra. Can be [...]

September 16, 2012

Recipe for Bhendi chi Bhaji

This is a Maharashtrian Recipe to prepare Bhendi chi Bhaji; a preparation of Lady Finger vegetable for the main course in the authentic and traditional Mahatashtrian style of [...]

August 17, 2012

Recipe for Cauliflower-Potato Rassa

This is a Recipe for Cauliflower-Potato Rassa – Flower Batata Patal Rassa in Marathi. This is a typical but popular and traditional Maharashtrian specialty dish. [...]

February 2, 2012

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