Simple Recipe for Tale Hue Aloo

In this article, I have described a most simple and basic method of preparing fried Potatoes or Tale Hue Aloo as this dish is known as in the Hindi language.
The recipe has been kept as simple as possible to make it suitable for new-homemaker to prepare at home.
This basic Fried Potatoes preparation goes nicely with any kind of meal, including breakfast or packed meals.

3-4 Potatoes
One teaspoon coarsely grinded Black Pepper Powder [Kali Miri Powder]
Four teaspoons Pure Ghee [Clarified Butter]
Finely chopped Coriander leaves [Dhaniya Patte]
Salt as per taste and requirement

Boil and peel the Potatoes and cut them into medium sized pieces.
Heat the Ghee in a Kadai and fry the Potato pieces until they are nicely browned.
Then add the Pepper Powder and Salt as needed and mix nicely.
While serving sprinkle with the chopped Coriander leaves.

Note- Vegetable Ghee or Vanaspati can be added instead of Pure Ghee if so desired.

By Sujata Nerurkar

I am an Expert Indian Chef, Food Columnist and Adviser. I write on food and recipes on my site and conduct cooking, candle making, chocolate making, dry cleaning, decoration and other art classes. The recipes and food themes given by me are unique and original and appear regularly in numerous reputed periodicals, newspapers and magazines.

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