Delicious Coconut Khoya Fudge

This is a Recipe for Delicious Coconut Khoya Fudge, a simple but rich sweet dish, experimented by me, takes little time to prepare, and tastes great.

One Coconut (grated)
250 Grams Khoya – Whole Dried Milk
5-6 Cardamom
Almond and Pistachio

Delicious Coconut Khoya Fudge

Delicious Coconut Khoya Fudge

Heat the Ghee in a Kadhai. Add Khoya and Coconut and sauté on a slow flame. Add Sugar and cook until a flouring consistency.
Spread in a plate.
Fudge is a loose mix.
Serve after decorating with Almonds and Pistachio pieces with a spoon.

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