Recipe for Crispy Rava Puris

This is a recipe for making at home crispy and delicious Rava or Semolina Puris. These Puris are prepared using a mixture of flour, semolina and rice flour as the main [...]

May 7, 2017

Recipe for Dahi and Mashed Batata Puree

This is a simple recipe to make Dahi and Mashed Batata Puree, which is a preparation of mashed potatoes and yogurt as the main ingredients along with some flavor enhancing [...]

May 7, 2017

Recipe for Tasty Sukhe Chilke Wale Aloo

This is a simple recipe for making at home tasty Sukhe Chilke Wale Alu or Indian Style Dry Potatoes in their Jackets. This is a very delicious potato dish, which can be [...]

May 3, 2017

Simple Recipe for Fried Murgh Pieces

This is a very simple recipe to make at home typical restaurant or Dhaba Style tasty and delicious dried chicken pieces. The Fried Murg Pieces are golden brown and crispy and [...]

May 2, 2017

Amba Shankarpali Recipe in Marathi

आंब्याची शंकरपाळी: आंब्याची शंकरपाळी ही चवीस्ट लागते. ह्या आगोदर [...]

April 29, 2017

Recipe for Delicious Homemade Khoya Peda

This is a most simple Recipe for making at home sweet and delicious Mithai Shop Style Mawa or Khoya Peda. These Pedas not only taste great but they are also hygienic because [...]

April 28, 2017

Delicious Khoya Peda Recipe in Marathi

खव्याचे-खोया-मावा पेढे: घरच्या घरी बनवा खव्याचे पेढे. खव्याचे पेढे [...]

April 26, 2017

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