Recipe for Zarda

This is a simple to understand step-by-step Recipe for preparing at home the Mughlai specialty Sweet Dish from Hyderabad Zarda. This sweet rice, which is an authentic and traditional Hyderabadi rice preparation can be served as a main course rice dish or even served as a Dessert. Preparation Time- 40 Minutes Serves- 4 Persons Ingredients… Continue reading Recipe for Zarda

Recipe for Lavang Latika

This is a Recipe for preparing at home Mithai Shop Style Lavang Latika . This is a famous sweet dish of the Bengali Community and is prepared during festive occasions. Preparation Time: 60 Minutes Serves: 15 Nos Ingredients ¼ Kg Maida 36 Sticks Cloves [Laung] ¼ Kg Ghee ¼ Kg Khoya [whole dried milk] 2… Continue reading Recipe for Lavang Latika

Simple Recipe for Sheera

Simple Maharashtrian Sheera

This is a Recipe for making at home typical Maharashtrian Style Sheera. This is a very famous and popular sweet dish dish in Maharashtra and all over India. Normally taken for breakfast and also offered as a Prasad on auspicious and religious occasions. Preparation Time: 30 Minutes Serves: 4 Persons Ingredients 2 Cups Thick Rava… Continue reading Simple Recipe for Sheera