Healing and Medicinal Properties of Oranges

The Orange is not only a tasty fruit; it also has many healing and medicinal properties and is considered to be good for health. Oranges are usually available throughout the year, a hot climate is generally considered ideal for good Orange cultivation and hence the Oranges from Nagpur are popular all over India. In this article, I have highlighted certain healing properties of Oranges.

Orange juice has stimulating and digestive properties and can be consumed before going to bed at night or on an empty stomach in the morning to stop loose motions. Children can easily digest milk and become healthy if they are given Orange juice regularly.

As Oranges contain Vitamins A, B and C and are rich in Iron Content, consuming Oranges is helpful for people suffering from Arthritis, those suffering from chronic pain in the shoulders joints and pain in the hands and feet.

Oranges are good for the complexion. The Skin of Oranges is lightly rubbed on the face as a home remedy for removing pimples and to make the skin fresh and glowing.

A home remedy for getting relief from excessive colds is to heat Orange juice slightly in a clay mug and then drink the heated Orange juice.

Sour Oranges should not be eaten as it could lead to cough, cold and acidity. Eating a lot a Oranges is also not good for health except for those suffering from fever; such people can eat 7 to 8 Oranges or drink Orange juice. Orange juice is good for the digestion process and purifies the blood and good and hence doctors usually recommend Orange juice for fever patients.

Eating Oranges is considered to be good for restless and paining eyes as they remove excessive heat from the eves.

Oranges sooth the brain and make it calm by reducing high blood pressure, they are also good for purifying the intestines.

The Marathi version of the same article can be found – Here.

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