Recipe for Chili Chicken

This is a simple and easy to follow recipe for making at home spicy Restaurant or Dhaba Style Chilli Chicken, which is also know as Hari Mirch Murg in Hindi. The preparation [...]

Unique Chicken Salad

This is simple to follow Salad recipe for preparing at home delicious Special Party Chicken Salad. This rich and tasty Chicken Salad is prepared using Boiled Chicken and a [...]

Recipe for Chicken or Prawn Salad

This is a recipe for Chicken or Prawn Salad. If you prefer Prawns then all you have to do is replace the chicken in the recipe given below with Prawns. The Prawns have to be [...]

Recipe for Casserole Chicken

This is a recipe for Casserole Chicken,its nice,tasty and delicious,hope you try and like it. Preparation Time: 45 Minutes Serves: 4 Persons Ingredients 1 large chicken [cut [...]

Recipe for Prawn Rice

This is a recipe for Prawn Rice, called in Hindi as Jhinga Pulao or Jhinga Bhat. This is great recipe prepared in the traditional Konkani Maharashtrian style. This recipe is [...]

Recipe for Sindhi Chicken

This is a simple and easy to understand recipe for preparing at home Sindhi Style Chicken, which is most popular Chicken Dish amongst the Sindhi community of India. This [...]

Recipe for Mushroom Rice

This is a unique recipe for preparing at home spicy and delicious Mushroom Rice, prepared in the authentic and traditional Indian Style of Cooking. I am giving here a simple [...]

Cookery Classes in Pune

Pune classes is a unique venture which imparts knowledge to ladies about— Cookery Basic Course – Preparation of Chappatis, Parathas, Vegetables, Rice and Salads. [...]
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