Chicken Recipes

Chicken Chops recipe – Indian style

This is recipe for preparing at home crispy and tasty Dhaba or Restaurant Style Chicken Chops in the traditional and authentic Indian style of Non-Veg cooking. Preparation [...]

March 2, 2012

Recipe for Green Chicken

This is a Recipe for Green Chicken. The green color is inherited from the Palak. A Chicken Recipewith its own distinct flavor. Ingredients 1 Kg Chicken cut in medium sized [...]

February 27, 2012

Recipe for Chicken Chaat

This is a Recipe for making at home delicious and mouthwatering typical Restaurant Style Chicken Chaat, a unique and tasty Chicken Recipe. This makes a great and different [...]

January 7, 2012

Recipe for Sweet-n-sour Vegetables/Chicken

This is Recipe for Sweet-n-sour Vegetables/Chicken. This again is a much in demand Chinese Recipe. Ingredients 150 gram Cauliflower 200 gram Boneless Chicken 1 ½ Cup Maida 2 [...]

December 22, 2011

Chicken Recipes

 This is a list of the various Indian, Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Mughlai, Konkani, South Indian, Parsi, Muslim and Middle-East, Chinese and Continental Chicken Recipes [...]

September 25, 2011

Recipe for Chicken Cheese Toast

This is a recipe for Chicken Cheese Toast. This is a great breakfast dish which can even be served on the main course. Ingredients 200 gram diced and cooked chicken 50 gram [...]

September 24, 2011

Recipe for Chicken in Pineapple Juice

This is a great recipe for Chicken in Pineapple Juice. This dish is a main course dish and has a unique flavor. Ingredients 1 kg chicken 11/2 tea spoon salt 1/1/2 tea spoon [...]

July 27, 2011

Recipe for Tandoori Fried Chicken

This is a recipe for preparing at home restaurant or dhaba style Crisp and Spicy Tandoori Chicken. Tandoori Fried Chicken is a most popular and in demand Chicken dish in [...]

July 16, 2011

Recipe for Shahanshahi Murg [ Chicken ]

This Recipe is for Shahanshahi Murg.This is an exotic Chicken preparation which originates from Persia. This is a main course dish. Ingredients 1 Kg Chicken (cut in pieces) 1 [...]

July 10, 2011

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