Chicken Recipes

Step by step Recipe for Chicken 65

This is a step by step Recipe for Chicken 65. This is one of the most famous Chickendishes you come across in high quality restaurants. Ingredients 1 Kg Chicken (Leg and [...]

April 23, 2013

Recipe for Murgh Muslim

This is a Recipe for Murgh Muslim. An authentic and traditional recipe; a specialty Chicken recipe of Indian Muslims. This is a lengthy preparation for special occassions; I [...]

March 31, 2013

Recipe for Cinnamon [ Dalchini ] Chicken

This is a Recipe for Cinnamon [Dalchini[ Chicken. Chickenwith the unique flavor of Cinnamon;tastes great; an authentic Indian party dish. Ingredients 8 Chicken Leg pieces ¼ [...]

February 23, 2013

Recipe for Garlic Chicken Kheema

This is a Recipe for Garlic Chicken Kheema. Lasuni Kheema as it is known in Indiais an extremely tasty and popular Kheema recipe. Garlic Chicken Kheema Preparation Time: 45 [...]

January 31, 2013

Simple recipe for Chicken Achari

This is a Recipe for Chicken Achari. This is chicken dish with the flavor of a pickle; uses pickle masala. The recipe is easy and simple to prepare. Ingredients 1 Kg [...]

January 19, 2013

Recipe for Chinese Chicken Packets

This is a most simple Recipe for preparing at home delicious Deep-Fried Chinese Chicken Packets. This is a crisp and crunchy Chinese Chicken Recipe; take my word it tastes [...]

July 23, 2012

Recipe for Cantonese Fried Chicken

This is Recipe for preparing at home crisp and tasty Chinese Restaurant Style Cantonese Fried Chicken. This is a very popular Chinese Chicken Recipe, which I have tried to [...]

July 12, 2012

Recipe for Nutty Stuffed Chicken

This is a step-by-step Recipe for preparing at home rich, spicy and delicious Restaurant Style Nutty Stuffed Chicken. This is an exotic chicken recipe; a great party dish, [...]

May 16, 2012

Recipe for Chicken Kathi Kabab

This is a step by step Recipe for Chicken Kathi Kabab.This is a most popular and in demand Kebab recipe. This dish is a coveted cocktail snack which is also served on the [...]

May 8, 2012

Delicious recipe for Chicken Kebab

This is a delicious recipe for Chicken Kebab. These Kebabs can be eaten along with Parathasand onion rings. Ingredients 1 kg chicken [cut into large pieces] 2 medium sized [...]

March 20, 2012

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