Recipe for Casserole Chicken

This is a recipe for Casserole Chicken,its nice,tasty and delicious,hope you try and like it. Preparation Time: 45 Minutes Serves: 4 Persons Ingredients 1 large chicken [cut into a dozen pieces] Fat for frying the chicken ½ cup seasoned flour 6 onions [small size] 3 nice juicy carrots Salt and pepper as per requirement and… Continue reading Recipe for Casserole Chicken

Recipe for Sindhi Chicken

This is a simple and easy to understand recipe for preparing at home Sindhi Style Chicken, which is most popular Chicken Dish amongst the Sindhi community of India. This Sindhi Sukha Murg is a main course dish, which is suitable for most kinds of parties. Preparation Time- 45 Minutes Serves- 6 Persons Ingredients 1 kg chicken [cut… Continue reading Recipe for Sindhi Chicken