Recipe for Dadpe Pohe

This is a Recipe for preparing typical Maharashtrian Dadpe Pohe. This is a traditional and authentic Maharashtrian Snack preparation made with Poha [ flattened rice] as the main ingredient. Served as a snack; normally for breakfast. Preparation Time: 20 Minutes Serves: 2 Persons Ingredients 2 Cup Thin Poha 1 Cup Coconut (shredded) 1 Big Onion… Continue reading Recipe for Dadpe Pohe

Recipe for Beans [Shravan Ghevda] Vegetable

This is a recipe for Beans [Shravan Ghevda] Vegetable. A traditional Maharashtrian main course vegetable dish. Ingredients ¼ Kg Beans [Shravan Ghevda] (cut in small pieces) 1 Small Onion (cut in small Pieces) 3 Green Chilies (cut in small pieces) Salt to taste 1 Tea spoon Sugar ½ Cup Coriander ¼ Cup Coconut (shredded) 1… Continue reading Recipe for Beans [Shravan Ghevda] Vegetable