Healthy Walnut Soup Recipe

This is a Recipe for Healthy Walnut Soup. This Soup preparation is not only very tasty it is also digestive and good for health, especially during the Summer Season. This is so because Yogurt is one of the main ingredients along with walnuts, which have strong medicinal properties.

Also included in this article is the Marathi version of the soup preparation, known in Marathi and Hindi as Akhrot or Akrod Soup.

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Serves: 2 Persons

¼ Cup Walnut
1 Cup Yogurt (dahi)
1 Teaspoon Garlic (shredded)
1 Teaspoon Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Coriander (chopped)
½ Cup Cucumber (peal and cut into round slices)
Salt as per taste

Mix the Yogurt, Salt and Garlic, blend it for 30 seconds, and take out in a Soup bowl. In addition, add Cucumber slices, chopped Coriander and broken Walnuts. While serving garnish with Olive Oil and serve cold.

आक्रोडाचे सूप : आक्रोडाचे सूप हे चवीला फार छान लागते. ह्या सुपामध्ये दही वापरले आहे. दही हे आपल्या शरीराला थंड ठेवते तसेच ह्या गरमीच्या ऋतूत ते फायदेशीर पण आहे. आक्रोड हे तर पौस्टीक तर आहेतच. हे सूप थंड सर्व्ह करा.

बनवण्यासाठी वेळ: १५ मिनिट
वाढणी: २ जणासाठी

साहित्य : १/४ कप आक्रोड (तुकडे), १ कप दही, १ टी स्पून आले (किसून), १ टी स्पून ऑलीव्ह तेल, १ टी स्पून कोथंबीर, १/२ कप काकडी (सोलून गोल पातळ चकत्या करून), मीठ चवीने

कृती : दही, मीठ व आले मिक्सर मधून ३० सेकंद ब्लेंड करून एका सूप बाऊल मध्ये काढून घ्या. नंतर वरतून काकडीच्या चकत्या, कोथंबीर व आक्रोड चे तुकड्यांनी सजवा.
सर्व्ह करतांना ऑलीव्ह तेलने सजवून थंड करून द्या.

By Sujata Nerurkar

I am an Expert Indian Chef, Food Columnist and Adviser. I write on food and recipes on my site and conduct cooking, candle making, chocolate making, dry cleaning, decoration and other art classes. The recipes and food themes given by me are unique and original and appear regularly in numerous reputed periodicals, newspapers and magazines.

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