Recipe for Lemon Cake

This is a recipe for Lemon Cake. This cake has a nice and unique flavor and taste. Preparation Time: 60 Minutes Serves: 5-6 Persons Ingredients 6 Table spoon Butter or Ghee 7 [...]

Recipe for Chicken Pickle

This is a great recipe for preparing at home spicy and delicious Indian Style Chicken Pickle, known in Hindi as Murgh Ka Achar and Kombdi Che Lonche in Marathi. This durable [...]

Recipe for Mushroom Omelette

This Recipe is for preparing at home Mushroom Omelette. This vegetarian omelette dish, suitable for breakfast or the main course is very nutritional, very easy to prepare and [...]

Recipe for Spring Rolls

This Recipe is for preparing Restaurant Style Party Starters Spring Rolls. The recipe given me is in a simple step-by-step manner to unable anyone to make these tasty and [...]

Recipe for Shahi Paneer

This Recipe is for preparing at home delicious restaurant or dhaba style Shahi Paneer Gravy. This Paneer preparation is a very popula main course dish all over India. [...]

Recipe for Tomato Saar

This Recipe is for preparing Tomato Saar This is very popular dish in southern India. This is a kind of Desi Soup or Appetizer. The recipe is quite simple and does not [...]

Recipe for Sindhi Mutton Chops

This Recipe is for Sindhi Mutton Chops. These are Mutton Chops are prepared in the traditional Sindhi style of cooking; an authentic Sindhi Meat dish. Preparation Time: 60 [...]

Recipe for Shahi Mutton Chops

This Recipe is for preparing the famous Mughlai Restaurant Style Shahi Mutton Chops. Shahi means royal and these are Mutton Chops prepared in the regal Mughlai style of [...]
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