Snacks Recipes

Recipe for Cauliflower Samosa

This is a simple and easy step by step Recipe for preparing crispy and tasty Snack Bar Style Cauliflower [ Kobi or Gobi] Samosa. This is a fast food recipe, which can be [...]

Step by Step Recipe for Chatpata Bhel

This is a Recipe for Chatpata Bhel. This is one of the most popular and readily available snacks in India. I am giving here a step by step recipe of this dish which you can [...]

Recipe for Bread Dahi Vada

This is a Recipe for preparing delicious Bread Dahi Vada. This version of the Dahi Vada used Bread along with Curds to prepare the Vadas, you can even use the leftover bread [...]

Recipe for Instant Dhokla

This is Recipe for preparing at home Instant Dhokla. The Dhokla prepared in this method becomes soft, fluffy and delicious like the one found in a Mithai Ki Dukan. The [...]

Recipe for Rice Coconut Kheer

This is a Recipe for Rice Coconut Kheer [ Naralachi Kheer or Nariyal Kheer ]. This kheer  preparation using rice and coconut as the main ingredients is famous in Maharashtra [...]

Simple Recipe for Sheera

This is a Recipe for making at home typical Maharashtrian Style Sheera. This is a very famous and popular sweet dish dish in Maharashtra and all over India. Normally taken [...]

Recipe for Double Roti ka Mitha

This Recipe is for a delicious and unique disk called Double Roti ka Mitha. This dish is very popular in Hyderabad. This is like a pudding can be served after meals or [...]
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