Kebab Recipes

Makyache Kebab Recipe in Marathi

स्वीट कॉर्न -मक्याचे दाने- पोहे कबाब, Sweet Corn-Makayache Dane-Pohe Kebab : कॉर्न पोहे [...]

August 27, 2015

Surmai Kabab Recipe in Marathi

सुरमई माशाचे कबाब : सुरमई माशाचे कबाब हे जेवणा अगोदर सर्व्ह करता [...]

August 11, 2015

Chicken Kebab Recipe in Marathi

चिकन कबाब : कबाब म्हंटले की तोंडाला पाणी सुटते. हे कबाब बनवायला [...]

July 1, 2015

Recipe for Mango Paneer Kebab

This is a Recipe for Mango Paneer kebab. A unique Kebab preparation with the mixed flavor of Paneer and Mangos. The recipe in the Marathi language is included below for [...]

May 10, 2015

Simple Grilled Chicken Kebabs

This is a most simple recipe for Grilled Liver Kebabs, requires few ingredients and once you have them in place the preparation in extremely easy, suited for the new [...]

March 3, 2015

Famous Kashmiri Mutton Kebabs

This is a simple and easy to follow Recipe for preparing the famous Kashmiri Mutton Kebabs at home, can even be served for cocktail and kitty parties. This is a very tasty [...]

February 23, 2015

Crispy Rajma Kabab

This is a simple to follow Recipe for making at home crispy and spicy Rajma Kabab. Rajma or Red Kidney Beans is a very popular pulse in the Northern parts of India, this [...]

August 16, 2014

Recipe for Crispy Corn Kababs

This is a simple to follow Recipe for preparing at home tasty Hotel Style Corn Kababs. This is a crispy and delicious snack, popular in most Cocktail parties, which can also [...]

June 6, 2014

Recipe for Banana Kebabs

This is a Recipe for preparing Banana Kebabs. A Vegetarian Kabeb called Kele Ke Kebab in Hindi and Kelyache Kebab in Marathi that goes nicely with the main course. [...]

June 27, 2012

Simple recipe for Coconut Kebabs

This is a simple recipe for Nariyal or Coconut ke Kebabs. This is a crisp and crunchy recipe which you can add to your meals once in a while. Ingredients 1 Coconut 1 ½ Cup [...]

May 17, 2012

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