Diwali Faral

Diwali Faral Recipes

The most eagerly awaited, popular and celebrated festival of Diwali is just round the corner. It’s; not only kids; but even adults and senior citizens who await this [...]

Recipe for Bhavnagari Gathiya

This is a Recipe for making at home the famous and popular Bhavnagari Sev-Gathiya. This is a crisp and crunchy Sev, which can make your Diwali Faral [...]

Recipe for Shahi Chivda

This is a Recipe for preparing the famous Dagdi Pohe Shahi Chivda. This is a special Maharashtrian Diwali Faral recipe and much in demand during the festival season. [...]

Recipe for Badam Burfi

This is a Recipe for preparing Mithai Shop Style mouthwatering Badamachi Burfi(Almond Barfi). This is a delicious recipe for Diwali Faral prepared in Maharashtra, Ingredients [...]

Recipe for Coconut Beetroot Barfi

This is a Recipe for preparing tasty Coconut Beetroot Barfi. This is a traditional and authentic Maharashtrian sweets recipe known as Naral-Beet Chi Burfi/Vadi. This Burfii [...]

Recipe for Kadaboli

This is a recipe for preparing Kadaboli another popular and authentic Maharashtrian specialty dish for Diwal Faral. Preparation Time: 90 Minutes Serves: 1 Kg Bhajni and [...]

Recipe for Coconut Rolls

This is a neat recipe for Coconut Rolls or Naralachi Vadi, another Maharashtrian specialty dish; this is also a Diwali Faral sweet. Preparation Time: 20 Minutes Serves: 2 [...]

Simple recipe for Spicy Gathias

This is nice and simple recipe to prepare crispy, tasty and Spicy Gujarati Style Bhavanagari Besan Gathiya. The Gathias, which a Gujarati specility Namkeen snack is also a [...]

Recipe for Corn Flakes Chivda – 2

This is another step by step for preparing at home crisp and crunchy Corn Flakes Chivda. The Corn Flakes Chivda makes a great snack and Tiffin Box item for school going kids. [...]
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