Sweets Recipes

Simple Recipe for Sheera

This is a Recipe for making at home typical Maharashtrian Style Sheera. This is a very famous and popular sweet dish dish in Maharashtra and all over India. Normally taken [...]

August 10, 2011

Recipe for Double Roti ka Mitha

This Recipe is for a delicious and unique disk called Double Roti ka Mitha. This dish is very popular in Hyderabad. This is like a pudding can be served after meals or [...]

August 5, 2011

Recipe for Condensed Milk Coconut Ladoo

This Recipe is for preparing tasty and delicious Condensed Milk Coconut Ladoo. This is very simple to prepare Ladoo and does not require an expert. The Condenced Milk Ladoo [...]

July 25, 2011

Recipe for Gulab Jamun

This Recipe is for preparing at home soft and delicious typical Mithai Shop Style soft and delicious Gulab Jamun. This is a Sweet dish, which is very popular all over India [...]

July 14, 2011

Recipe for Sandesh

This Recipe is for preparing at home, the famous Bengali Mithai Sandesh.  An extremely popular Mithai served on almost all festive occasions. Preparation Time: 45 Minutes [...]

July 2, 2011

Recipe for Delicious Carrot Kheer

This is a recipe for Delicious Carrot Kheer, known in Hindi as Gajar Ki Kheer. This is a Sweet dish, which is very popular in India and is prepared on festive occasions. [...]

June 10, 2011

Recipe for Rice Kheer

This is a recipe for Rice Kheer or Chawal Ki Kheer using rice as the main ingredient. This Kheer preparation is very popular in most regions of India. Preparation Time: 30 [...]

June 9, 2011

Recipe for Banana French Toast

This is a simple and easy to follow step-by-step recipe for making at home Banana French Toast. The French Banana Toast is an authentic French dish, which is normally served [...]

May 30, 2011

Recipe for Sweet Cookies

This is a recipe for Sweet Cookies. A great snack for everyone. Ingredients 2 Cups of white flour 1 Cup of melted fat 1 Cup of Castor sugar ½ Table spoon baking powder ½ [...]

May 30, 2011

Recipe for Biscuit Cutlet

This is a recipe for Biscuit Cutlet. A neat snack for the kids as well as for you. Great for breakfast as well as a afternoon snack. Ingredients 2 Potatoes 1 Tomato 3 Marie [...]

May 30, 2011

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