Paratha Recipes

This is list of a few Indian Paratha recipes, which have been published on this site over the past few years. The Paratha or its various variations like the Chapati, Roti, Phulka and even the Puri is an integral part and parcel of Indian cuisine since time immemorial.

Parathas are more popular and famous in the North Indian states of Indian, especially the state of Punjab where one cannot think about any meal without the Paratha. They come in numerous kinds, using a wide and diverse range of flours and stuffing, including Non-Vegetarian stuffing. There are specialized restaurants all over India. Which only deal in Parathas as a specialty dish.

To see a more diverse selection of Indian Paratha preparations, including Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Restaurant and Dhaba Style Parathas, please visit the category on – Indian Parathas

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