Mutton Recipes

Simple Recipe for Meat Loaf

This is a Recipe for Meat Loaf, a continental specialty meat preparation, which you can easily prepare at home, using the simple step-by step recipe given in the article. [...]

Mutton Liver Fry Recipe in Marathi

महाराष्ट्रियन पद्द्धीतीने मटन लिव्हर फ्राय ह्या प्रकारे लिव्हर [...]

Recipe for Kashmiri Style Mutton Kebab

This is a Recipe for Kashmiri Style Mutton Kebab, a specialty Meat preparation from Kashmir. I have prepared this Kebab, using the traditional Kashmiri method. The Kebab goes [...]

Simple Grilled Chicken Kebabs

This is a most simple recipe for Grilled Liver Kebabs, requires few ingredients and once you have them in place the preparation in extremely easy, suited for the new [...]

Famous Kashmiri Mutton Kebabs

This is a simple and easy to follow Recipe for preparing the famous Kashmiri Mutton Kebabs at home, can even be served for cocktail and kitty parties. This is a very tasty [...]

Spicy Mutton Mughlai Masala

This is a Recipe for preparing at home the famous restaurant style Mutton Mughlai Masala, using rich and spicy Masala. Ingredients 500 Gram Mutton 3 Green Chilies 3-table [...]

Spicy Indian Style Mutton Hamburgers

This is a Recipe for Spicy Mutton Hamburgers prepared to suit Indian taste buds by adding some favoutive Indian spices and Garam Masala. Preparation Time: 30 Minutes Serves: [...]

Recipe for Kashmiri Dum Gosht

This is a Recipe for preparting at home Slowly Cooked Kashmiri Dum Gosht. This is a traditional and authentic Meat dish from the Indian state of Kashmir. Preparation Time: 60 [...]
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