Recipe for Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is a famous and popular Indian Gravy, which one mostly comes across in restaurants and parties, including marriage lunches and dinners. In this article, I have [...]

July 1, 2011

Recipe for Paratha Pizza

This is a step-by-step recipe for preparing Paratha Pizza. This Paratha Piza is popular among kids and can be served for breakfast or even the main course meals. Ingredients [...]

July 1, 2011

Simple Recipe for Boondi Raita

This Recipe is for preparing the famous Boondi Ka Raita. This is an easy to prepare Salad and goes nicely along with the main course. Ingredients 200 gram Bundi packet 2 Cup [...]

June 27, 2011

Simple Recipe is for Dal Fry

Dal Fry or Dal Tadka as this Indian main course Gravy is sometimes called is a tasty and delicious Curry, flavored with spices. It tastes great with Chapatis or Rice and is a [...]

June 27, 2011

Recipe for Sweet Shankarpali

This Recipe is for tasty and delicious Godi or Sweet Shankarpali. This dish is very famous in Maharashtra and made on the occasion of the festival of Diwali as also other [...]

June 22, 2011

Recipe for Coconut-Rava (Suji) Ladoo

This Recipe is for Coconut-Rawa (Suji) Ladoo. This dish is very famous in Maharashtra and and known in Marathi as Rawa-Narlacha Ladu and is made on festive occassions like [...]

June 21, 2011

Recipe for Shahi Kofta

This is a Recipe for preparing at home Restaurant Style Shahi Kofta Curry. This rich, spicy and delicious Kofta Gravy is a main course dish, suitable for any kind of party. [...]

June 18, 2011

Great Recipe for Cauliflower Paratha

This is a Recipe for preparing at home the popular Gobi or Cauliflower Ka Paratha. The Gobi Ka Paratha is a popular dish for breakfast or as a part of the main course meals [...]

June 18, 2011

Simple Recipe for Jeera Rice

This is a very simple and easy to prepare Recipe for Jeera Rice. This dish is for Main Course adnd it tastes good with non-vegetarian gravies and curries. Ingredients 2 Cups [...]

June 17, 2011

Simple Recipe for Lemon Rice

This is a simple Recipe for Lemon Rice. This dish is for Main Course, which can be served for most parties and functions. This Rice tastes Sweet and Sour and the children [...]

June 17, 2011

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