Dal Recipes

This is a list of a collection of Dal, Gravy, Curry, Sambar and Amti recipes published on this site over a period of ime. The selection includes Maharashtrian, Konkani, South [...]

Rice Recipes

Rice is an integral part and parcel of the Indian food and cuisine. No Indian meal is considered to be complete without a serving of rice. Here I have given a list of a [...]

Paratha Recipes

This is list of a few Indian Paratha recipes, which have been published on this site over the past few years. The Paratha or its various variations like the Chapati, Roti, [...]

Vegetarian Recipes

This is a list of some of the popular recipes of Vegetarian main course Vegetable dishes. Most of these are traditional Indian dishes; prepared in the authentic Indian style [...]

Fish Recipes

Sea Food has always been a very popular food and is rapidly gaining more and more popularity all over the world, including India. This is a list of my selection of Fish [...]

Mutton Recipes

This is a collection of some of the Mutton recipes published on this site over the past few years. The list includes Maharashtrian, Malvani,  Kashmiri, Konkani, Punjabi, [...]

Chicken Recipes

 This is a list of the various Indian, Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Mughlai, Konkani, South Indian, Parsi, Muslim and Middle-East, Chinese and Continental Chicken Recipes [...]

Recipes for Side Dishes

Chutney, salads, sauces, soups and pickles are the side dishes, which can make even an ordinary main course, turn into a great culinary experience. These side dishes to the [...]

Recipe for Chicken Cheese Toast

This is a recipe for Chicken Cheese Toast. This is a great breakfast dish which can even be served on the main course. Ingredients 200 gram diced and cooked chicken 50 gram [...]
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