Shengdana [Mungfali] Chutney or Usal

Shengdana [Mungfali] Chutney or Usal is a simple yet welcome add on for any meal. This tasty Groundnut preparation can be served with rice or Chapattis during any meal or even for breakfast or as a part of the Tiffin box.
The preparation method given by me is a typical Maharashtrian Style recipe, which is simple and easy to follow.

Shengdana (Mungfali) Chutney or Usal Preparation Time – 30 Minutes
Serves – 4 Persons

I Katori Shengdana [Groundnuts or Moongfali in Hindi]
2-3 green Chilies [Hari Mirch]
One teaspoon Cumin Seeds [Jeers]
One tablespoon Cooking Oil
Salt as per taste and your requirements
Shredded fresh Coconut as per requirement and taste

Firstly, boil the Groundnuts in water and add the Salt as per your taste and keep aside.
In a Kadai add the Oil and add give a Tadka by adding the Jeera.
Then add finely chopped pieces of the green Chilies.
Drain the water from the boiled Groundnuts and put them in the Kadai.
Add Salt as per your taste and cook for 10 minutes on the slow flame, stir a couple of time and remove from the fire when the groundnuts are somewhat browned.
Garnish with shredded Coconut and serve hot.
Note- You can slightly crush the Groundnuts if you wish.

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  1. Mita Deora // 05/10/2015 at 8:45 AM // Reply

    Great Chutney, simple to make as you said, I tried it at home on Sunday and my full family appreciated my effort.
    Keep writing about such useful and easy to make dishes, which take little time to prepare.
    Will look forward to your article in my mail.

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